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FlexBeam is a user-friendly calculator for beam analysis: calculate beam deflection and column buckling. Just enter the data and FlexBeam instantaneously provides you with the outcome. You can immediately see, on one window, which load is calculated, the second moment of area and the resulting stress, deflection and slope. Buckling calculations are done for central load (Euler-formula) and for eccentric load (Secant-formula).


Key Features of FlexBeam

There are two versions of FlexBeam: FlexBeam Pro and FlexBeam Lite. FlexBeam Pro has full functionality. The most important features of FlexBeam Pro and Lite are:

Features Lite Pro
Calculate beam deflection
Calculate buckling (new in release 2.0)
four different types of beam support
automatic calculation of the second moment of area for various beam cross-sections 4 23
various standard profiles (IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, UBP, UB, ASTM, UC, PFC etc) 11
entering a known second moment of area
managing a materials selection list
simultaneous loads 1 3
metric units and imperial units
calculation of maximum beam deflection, stress and slope
calculation of the beam deflection, stress and slope at any desired position
buckling calculation around X- and Y-axis with central load and with eccentric load
graphic representation of the elastic line
copying all entered data and calculation results to the Windows clipboard
saving the last calculation
help function
languages English and Dutch
Free € 9.50*

* There is a discount for multiple users:

  • 5 users; € 2.50 discount;
  • 10 users; € 10.00 discount;
  • 20 users; € 15.00 discount;
  • 50 users; € 65.00 discount.

FlexBeam most recent release is version 2.0.1. See the release notes.

Screenshot of FlexBeam Pro calculating buckling:
Screenshot of FlexBeam Pro calculating deflection with an example of an elastic line:

Order FlexBeam Pro

The price of FlexBeam Pro with its extensive functionality is € 9.50 per user, all future updates are free. There is a dynamic discount (5% .. 15%) for 5, 10, 20 en 50 users. FlexBeam Lite is free. You can pay safe and securely with you credit card via PayPal or via iDeal, MrCash and SOFORT Banking. After payment you will receive an email with a download link.

System requirements

FlexBeam runs under Windows or under Linux using Wine. To install and run on Linux just follow these instructions. Required disk space is 2.5 MB. FlexBeam does not run under Apple OS. Note: if you are running one of the toolkit programs on a high resolution display (High DPI)  under Windows 10, the fonts can be blurry. See this article how to fix is easily.

Anti virus

Some anti virus programs block the installation of FlexBeam and mark it as suspicious. This is a so called ‘false positive‘. FlexBeam is 100% virus free.

FlexBeam Lite

Do you want to try FlexBeam first, or you don’t need the functionality of the Pro version? Then download the free version FlexBeam Lite. You can download and use FlexBeam Lite for free after registration. Via the registration we will keep you informed about program updates and new developments.

The functionality of FlexBeam Lite is more limited than that of the Pro version, see the table above. The FlexBeam Lite version, just as the HertzWin and FlexHinge programs, will always remain free and will be continuously updated.

FlexBeam Lite Download after Registration

You can download and use the beam deflection calculator FlexBeam Lite for free after registration.  You will receive an email with a download link to the software.

Please check the software programs about which you want to receive news. You will be informed about program updates and new developments.

You can always edit preferences and personal data or remove all personal data. See the privacy policy


I am interested in hearing about your experiences using FlexBeam. Share them in a comment, or send an e-mail.

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